Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Great people, good food, fun times...

I hope you all had a fun memorial day. Mine was perfect, except that Jordan had to work. We missed him! Thank you to all our service men and women, we have friends and family that have served our country and we are deeply indebted to them. Especially to those who have given their lives, our thoughts and prayers are with their you Tiffany and Chloe!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

One Month

The little man is one month old today! He is growing like a weed, and is getting more alert everyday. Things are still going smoothly, I am loving having two kids. Sometimes I feel like I have grown extra appendages though. I am pretty much always carrying one of them, it feels like they have grown onto me! I don't seem to get much done around the house, but honestly I didn't before either, so at least now I have an excuse ;) He is still a mellow and happy baby, he doesn't cry much at all, and likes to sleep a lot. He definitely likes to eat though, he doesn't go much longer than 3 hours without eating, even at night. marks a month of sleep deprivation as well. I haven't gotten more than 3 hours of sleep at a time for about 30 days and I am definitely feeling it. Some days are better than others, and I always try to squeeze a nap in, but it just isn't the same. I will sleep again one day though! We absolutely love our little man so much and feel so immensely blessed every single day to have two amazing children!
By the way...we call him little man, because he looks like a little old man. He has a receding hair line and makes lots of funny faces and grunts a lot. Reminds us of an old man, a really cute old man ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Backyard Barbecue

Jordan can never sit still. He always has one project or another that he's working on around the house. Sometimes it drives me crazy, a lot of women probably have the opposite complaint, so I guess I should be thankful. His latest projects have included a built in barbecue and a red wood picnic table. He started with the barbecue, we bought a normal barbecue and then he made it look built in with blocks that match our landscaping, it looks great and it was cheap. Then I wanted new patio furniture to go with the new barbecue so we can have lots of outdoor dinning this summer. However, looking around, it is expensive! So Jordan says, how about I build something? At first I said, no way, you do not have the time! But he won me over when I couldn't find anything I like for under $1000. So, he found plans online and built a table with benches, for around $450 similar to what you can buy online for over $2000! It turned out great, but I am glad he is done, because it was very time consuming. We kicked off the spring/summer with our first barbecue and had friends over last night. It was a lot of fun, and we are going to love spending lots of time in our backyard this year.
We had delicious surf n' turf and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Little Lauren got to show off her walking skills, and her and Clara got to play together. It was a fun beginning to barbecue season and we plan on having many of them this year. Now I just need to find some outdoor play toys for the kids and the backyard will be complete!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back to reality...

After almost 2 1/2 weeks off, Jordan went back to work. I was a little freaked I ready for 24, 48, and 72 hour shifts all by myself with 2 kids under 2!?! I have definitely been eased back into it. Jordan's first 48 hour shift was last weekend, and I had a lot of family stop by to help, which was wonderful. Today was my actual first day home all by myself, and it wasn't too bad. It's definitely busy, and I find myself feeding one kid or the other pretty much constantly, and of course changing lots of diapers. But so far, so good. Clara is still handling the addition of her little brother very well, she hasn't gotten jealous or demanding if I am busy with Coleton. I haven't ventured out by myself yet, I still think that is a long ways off, but eventually I know I will go stir crazy enough to HAVE to get out of the house. Coleton is still a very mellow baby, he hardly ever cries, and pretty much just eats and sleeps, he is definitely packing on the pounds. He already has outgrown newborn clothes, and I am noticing chub developing on his cheeks, and the beginnings of rolls on his arms and legs...he is so cute! One little outing we went on was the Ramona Bluegrass Festival, which was a couple weekends ago, it was a fun time and nice to get out and enjoy the good weather. Clara had fun dancing to the music as well!

Clara turned 20 months on the 3rd, and it is amazing how much she is talking now! She is putting 3 and 4 words together to make sentences. She probably has hundreds of words in her vocabulary, and she also has extensive conversations with you mostly in gibberish. She seems so big now, especially compared to Coleton, and she is such a goof ball. Her favorite thing to do right now is go to the park and play hide-and-go seek in the house. She also loooves to help with everything, and that can make doing things tricky, because let's be honest, she's not very helpful, bless her heart! I am loving life with my two kids, I wouldn't mind getting a little more sleep, but I know that will come in time!