Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coleton's 1st Birthday!

We had a little Birthday BBQ for Coleton on Sunday...his actual birthday was Friday, the 20th.  It was so fun celebrating this sweet little guy.  He really has been the best baby, and now he is moving on into toddler hood!  He is walking all over the place with a little assistance, and as long as he has a finger to hold onto he is content, and would walk forever!  He even took his first little steps on his own at his party!  He is losing his baby chub way faster than I would like, and is majorly slimming down, which is just making him seem so much older.  At his 12 month check up he is 2'6" tall and weighs 23.7lbs.  He loves to dance to music, blow kisses, and laugh, he says thank you "gu goo" when you give him something, loves to point to pictures in books, push buttons, and is a serious mama's boy.  We love this little man more than words can say, and are so thankful to have him in our family!

Happy Birthday Coleton!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break

Now that we have one kid in school (part time) we get a spring break!  We took a family day and went to Sea World with Jordan's family, my mom & niece Ella, Jordan's Aunt Jacki and cousins Nina and Cami, and Jeannine and Elora met us there for a couple hours as well!  It was such a fun day, and our first time getting to see Jordan's brother Jesse in his show, he is Biff in the Sea Lion & Otter Show, and it was definitely the highlight of the day.  We let the kids play in the "Bay of Play" area, saw the Polar Bears, Beluga Whales, Penguins, the Pet's Rule Show, and the Shamu Show.  I am so glad we have season passes, and can't wait to go back, the kids love it!



Easter was just around the corner, and Clara was so excited, she kept calling it "Easter time day."  We went to church, which happened to be Coleton's first time showing separation anxiety...screamed until I went and got him :( He did the same thing this last Sunday, hopefully it is just a phase.  Then we go to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a big Easter party with my dad's side of the family, and extended family and friends are always welcome.  They had a barbecue potluck and an Easter egg hunt, and everyone brought treats for the kid's baskets.  After the party, the Abeel's came to our house for the rest of the evening, the kids played with their Easter baskets from Grammy and Pappy, had another Easter egg hunt...can you say spoiled! Had a light dinner, and hung out.  It was a fun week, I always love family time, and now back to the usual routine!