Sunday, August 23, 2009

37 Weeks

Looking at my baby countdown on my blog it says 17 days to go, that's crazy! I am still feeling really good, although I am super awkward when I try to do things. We have finished the nursery and I love how it turned out. I think it will be a very cheery place to spend a lot of time in, once she comes. I am hoping that she decides to come on time, not too early and definitely not too late. I am trying to work up until September 4th, and the longer I make it to that the better I can train my replacement. Jordan also is scheduled to work up until the 7th, and then he has the whole month of September off after that, which will be awesome. Lately we have also been trying to get out a lot and hang out just the two of us, enjoying our last couple weeks of this stage in our lives, but we are also super excited and ready for our baby to come. We can't wait to be parents and can't think of anything more valuable that we could do with our lives. Now we'll wait and see when she is ready to meet us!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Showered with Love

Saturday was my baby shower, and it was so fun and beautiful. My wonderful mother and sister threw it for me, and they did a fantastic job. There were over forty family members and close friends who attended, and they all made me feel so blessed and loved. It was held at my house, and I was politely kicked out around 11:00am so they could decorate it, and when I came back the house was decorated so cute, and was filled with people. We played some fun games and I opened up presents. Let me just say that Clara is going to be the best dressed little girl around! I also received many wonderful baby necessities, and gift cards, it is so exciting to be getting all the things we need! I have to also say thank you to my wonderful friends Terra and Shauna who definitely traveled the furthest to come to the shower. Oh, and Meg...where did the life of the party slip off to so quietly? Great card though ;)

34 weeks
This is my cousin Monica, she is having a little girl named Penelope Jane on September 6th. This picture definitely confirms my suspicion that I have the pointiest belly ever! When Monica was going to leave and we gave each other a hug, our bellies hit, and we both cracked up, I hadn't hugged another pregnant woman before and it's pretty funny.

My mom,sister and I

Kailey, me, Lauren and Shauna

My cousin's daughter Sophia, I would love it if Clara looked just like her!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped with the shower, especially to my mom and sister who planned everything! Thank you to everyone who came and showered Clara and I with love, we appreciate and love you all! Now I can't wait for Jordan to get home so I can show him everything!